Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)

"CCC's first 100 days in office"

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20 Actions by the the Citizens Government in the first 100 days- The key quick wins 1. Release all political prisoners. Restore dignity, rights, hope and respect to all citizens. 2. Restore sanity to the education system. Remove the CALA curriculum. Dignity to teachers. 3. Remove bond notes. Stabilize the economy. Tax reforms. 4. Free and Universal Primary Education and primary healthcare. 5. Set stakeholder turnaround timelines for all public service, parastatals, municipalities, applications processes. 6. Free airwaves including allowing cheaper internet e.g. Star-Link. 7. Reintroduce the executive mayors and devolution. 8. De-politicise the state, government, Parastatals and Councils. 9. Re-visit border paperwork for passengers, vehicles, and goods, especially RSA, Bots, Zambia, etc. Reduce cross-border charges. 10. Stop leakages and illicit financial flows. New laws and mechanisms to deal with corruption. 11. War on drug cartels and barons. 12. Title deeds to urbanites and all farm land, new farmers. 13. Massive infrastructure rehabilitation and projects. 14. Fix broken politics. Decisively deal with violence, intolerance and hate. 15. Restoring Zimbabwe in the family of nations. Normalizing relations with all key nations and countries. 16. Debt resolution. 17. Fair prices to farmers for their produce and crops. 18. Restoration of leadership values, manners and ethics. 19. Repeal all oppressive legislation. 20. E-government and digital platforms for everything.